A Day In My Life

Recently, we had the honour of welcoming Gonda Meurs into our house. She is an award winning photographer who takes documentary style pictures that tell real stories (Check out her website). She stayed with us during an entire day from 8AM until 8PM to take pictures, capturing ‘A Day In My Life’. Our days are filled with joy, laughter and love, but with five kids it is inevitable to have moments of crying and jelling as well. Gonda did an incredible job capturing all of these moments. We are extremely pleased with the result, which provides a genuine memory of a very hectic but precious time in our lives. I am happy to share a selection of this amazing photoshoot with you!

Helping Julie with her hair

Preparing Breakfast

Breakfast with the team

Jorn & Faye

The girls always want a bite of our muesli

Hannah loves to make funny faces

Hannah wants Cécile’s bib

Hannah has Cécile’s bib

Bas and his Duplo

Julie loves to help with the laundry


Time for a cup of tea

Gathering for a drink

Cuddling Cécile

Playtime continues (I am not bored ;))

Playtime means messy playroom

Cuddling crying Bas

Mom’s tea is the best

Reading a book


Full House

A little mouse on the table

Preparing Faye for her nap

Almost ready for their midday nap

Doing handicrafts with the twins

Concentration is everything

Julie ♡

Short television break

All awake

Cuddles from Faye

No clue who I am carrying here, haha!

Fun with Faye

Hiding for grandma

Feeding while cooking


All minding their own business

Cooking with obstacles

Always touching the stove

Always “helping” with the dishes

“No help needed, thank you!”

Trash can inspection

Pre-dinner Peppa Pig break


No words needed

Feeding the triplets

Feeding Time


This is when the real fun begins

Drama, big drama!

Bottles upside down – not allowed

Big drama, bigger drama!

The drama continues: all five crying

Pre-bathing tablet time

Waiting for bath

Jorn & Julie

Julie & Bas

Bas ♡

Tangled up hair

Bedtime stories

Photo credits: Gonda Meurs
Me: Cardigan by Baum und Pferdgarten & Jeans by Closed
Julie: Salopette and T-shirt by Little Hedonist
Bas: Sweatpants by Gray Label and Sweater by H&M
Hannah, Faye and Cécile: Salopettes and shirts by Gray Label

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